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Specialist in Medical Physics (M/F)

Hospital de Loulé is a modern Health Unit in the Algarve, comprising an Outpatient Unit, for External Consultations and Permanent Care, a Surgical Unit comprising an Operating Room and Surgical Inpatient Unit, Imaging Service, Clinical Analysis Service and Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Service.

We are recruiting Specialist in Medical Physics (M/F):


• Specialist in Medical Physics in the area of ​​Diagnostic and Interventional Radiology, with title recognition by the ACSS.


The medical physics specialist acts or provides specialized advice on issues related to radiation physics with a view to applying the established requirements;

The medical physics specialist is responsible for dosimetry, including physical measurements to evaluate the dose administered to the patient and other individuals subject to medical exposure, provides advice on medical radiological equipment and contributes, in particular, to:

a) Optimizing radiation protection for patients and other individuals subject to medical exposure, including the application and use of diagnostic reference levels;

b) The definition and application of quality assurance of medical radiological equipment;

c) Acceptance tests of medical radiological equipment;

d) The development of technical specifications applicable to medical radiological equipment and the design of installations;

e) Monitoring of medical radiological facilities;

f) Analysis of events that involve or may involve accidental medical exposures or medical exposures that do not proceed as planned;

g) The selection of the equipment necessary to perform radiation protection measurements;

h) Training of qualified professionals and other personnel on relevant aspects of radiation protection.

The medical physics specialist works in radiotherapy and nuclear medicine practices and provides advice in radiology practices.

Whenever necessary, the medical physics specialist liaises with the radiological protection specialist.

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